Inside Out

A community arts project with the residents from Apollo Estate, Dubbo.
’Listenings', house sings, art walking trail, printed publication.
Interview with Dugald Saunders for ABC Breakfast show

Lismore 2074: Our Present Future

Six channel soundscape, translucent printed veils maze, and pin-on ribbons.
Voices of Lismore residents survey a complex and varied relationship with an imagined future 60 years onwards.
Watch a brief video documentation here

For the Love of It

Three-channel sound installation & etched steel
Victoria Park, Abbotsford: commissioned by Yarra City Council.
Capturing the emotions, excitement and joy connected with sport and play and the impacts -big or small- on our society, social interactions, and lives.
Watch a brief video documentation here

Separated by Water

Video and two channel audio 4min.
© Duke Albada & Michelle Blakeney.
Imprints 2012: Woy Woy

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