You Are Here: Peregrination

Six screen video installation, 22min20sec
Watch a brief video documentation here
'Art at the Airtport': Byron Bay/ Ballina.
Chronicle of a road trip researching connection to country through an intimate survey of the natural world, including vastly different environments and subjects.


Hybrid 'real-time' art installation, video & sound
Watch a brief video documentation here
© Duke Albada (AU), Nigel Johnson (UK), Dave Lawrence (UK).

Accompanied by a gentle trickling and flowing soundscape, a three-dimensional layering of images and mist features the interplay of light and reflections across water surfaces. Visitors' faces are occasionally captured and subtly re-appear as a ghostly image, blended with the water imagery and with faces of past viewers. 

We Love the Fish

Interactive audio, 6 objects
Watch a brief video documentation here
© Duke Albada (AU), Alexandra Berlinger (AUT), WolfgangFiel (AUT), Jeremy Bernstein (DE) 

Six generic yet incongruous items serve as'sonic agents', continuously registering all audible visitor actions and interactions.  At the central listening point, suspended speakers emit the collected sounds. All audio is distorted in the process and eventually dissolves. 

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