Natural Jewellery workshop

Effortlessly create eye-catching jewellery from natural materials. Participants organically learn to craft accessories such as rings, key hangers, bracelets, boutonnieres,necklaces, hairpins and hat adornments.

This enjoyable workshop inspires creativity and stimulates appreciation of the beauty and versatility of the natural world. The supplied resources are supplemented with materials from the natural environment of the workshop and vary at each location. 

Course level: All
Participants: 10 maximum
Age: Kids (10+), Youth, Adults, Seniors
- Drop-in sessions.
- Half day activity which includes an insightful wandering in nature to gather the art materials.
_ This is one segment of a 6 week program exploring various arts and crafts using natural materials: Jewellery, Centrepieces, Palm Spathe Centrepieces, Ikebana, Palm sheath baskets, Collecting & Preservation.

Samples can be seen HERE

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