Make your own stunning Natural Centrepieces

Creating with natural materials is a joy on many levels: It stimulates our tactile, visual, and olfactory senses plus it makes us see details and appreciate the intricacy and beauty of our natural world. This accessible workshop inspires creativity and boosts connection to country.
To start with materials that already have a character of their own is much easier than to have a ‘blank canvas’ to fill in. Hence participants of all levels of confidence can create amazing arrangements.

All equipment and resources supplied
Course level: All
Age: Kids (8+), Youth, Adults, Seniors 

Drop-in sessions, or half-day or day day activity which includes an insightful wandering in nature to gather the art materials.

This is one segment of a 6 week program exploring various arts and crafts using natural materials: Jewellery, Centrepieces, Palm Spathe Centrepieces, Ikebana, Palm sheath baskets, Collecting & Preservation.

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