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Inside Out downloadable PDF

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Inside Out is a case study of an inclusive art project at Apollo Estate, Dubbo in Australia.
A4 Landscape , 44 pages
All proceeds will flow back in the community via Apollo House.

The book documents the community art project through data, essays by the artist, stakeholders and participants plus features photographic portraits of the participants and imagery of the art produced. 

"Inside Out" seeks to bridge a divide created by locality, to diminish the stigma, racism and discrimination of residents of a social housing estate. Instead of focusing on problems and deficiency, this art project highlights assets, opportunity and potential for transformation. This book validates the residents by giving them a voice and respects them for who they are. By publishing private thoughts and visions for public witness it is possible to prevail over stereotypical notions. Offering a positive insight of the occupants reduces the threshold of fear about this locality and its people. This opens ways to communication, understanding and respect.

The art project offered residents of Apollo Estate insight into a collective deeper sense of self. Each of the three elements (listening, art-trail, book) had value in itself as a unique platform for participants to share their story and point of view, thereby gaining insight in their identity. To be seen through a different prism, promoting a positive identity, is an empowering and important to trigger social change and affecting behavior. "Inside Out" addresses a common desire to be accepted and acknowledged as a human being of value, creating self worth.

This book raises awareness and generates dialogue about issues and stigma surrounding the placement of certain social and cultural groups in concentrated areas. It supports a concern for equity for people who have been excluded from the mainstream social and economic opportunity structure.

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